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Norman Workshops

NORMAN Workshops are organised according to the approved scientific activities planned annually.



    NORMAN Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for environmental monitoring and assessment of chemicals and their mixtures

    21-22 October 2024, Leipzig, Germany (hybrid)




NORMAN Workshop on chemical pollutants and biodiversity

6 December, 2023, Frankfurt am Main (hybrid)



NORMAN Database Workshop

26-27 October 2023, Athens, Greece (Hybrid)



NTS workshop on analytical techniques and implementation

29-30 November 2022, Odense, Denmark (Hybrid)



International Passive Sampling Workshop (IPSW 2022)

18-20 September 2022, Utrecht, The Netherlands (Hybrid)



Workshop on Interlaboratory Study on the Analysis of Microplastics in Environmental Matrices

14 September 2022, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Passive sampling in support of chemical monitoring in biota for the Water Framework Directive

3 December 2020,






Persistent, Mobile and Toxic (PMT) Substances: A challenge for analytical chemistry and water quality control

21-22 January 2020,

Leipzig (DE)





SWEMSA19 - Non-Target Screening embedded in (Open Access) Platforms and Multi-disciplinary Applications

21-23 October 2019,

Munich (DE)






Prioritisation of emerging contaminants in Urban Wastewater

6 March 2019,

Paris (FR)





Environmental Epigenetics – From Mechanisms to Regulation

21-22 February 2019,

Örebro (SE)





27-28 November 2018,

Amsterdam (NL)



NORMAN Workshop on Non-Target Screening for Regulators: How can non-target screening techniques support environmental monitoring and chemicals management?

25 October 2018,

Brussels (BE)




Workshop on non-target screening in biota

16-17 October 2018,

Upssala (SE)




NANO -Transfer - International Conference & Winter School

19-20 October 2017,

Aachen (DE)







4th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks

2-4 October 2017,

Bilbao (ES)





5th Workshop on Field-Flow Fractionation – Mass Spectrometry (FFF-MS)

28-29 September 2017,

Vienna (AT)









NORMAN Databases Workshop - Towards a harmonised approach for collection and interpretation of data on emerging substances in the environment in support of European environmental policies

8-9 June 2017,

Berlin (DE)





Integrated Exposure and Effects Assessment

11-12 April 2017,

Amsterdam (NL)





Multivariate statistical approaches to link chemical signals to effects

24-25 Jan 2017,

Leipzig (DE)




Non-Target Screening embedded in (Open Access) Platforms and its role in various disciplines

2-4 Nov 2016,

Munich (DE)







3rd Workshop on Field-Flow Fractionation – Mass Spectrometry (FFF-MS)

5-6 Sept 2015,

Vienna (AT)





1st NORMAN workshop on analysis of problematic compounds

1-2 Sept 2015,

Rhodes (GR)




Workshop on Passive Sampling techniques for monitoring of contaminants in the aquatic environment: Achievements to date and future perspectives

27-28 Nov 2014,

Lyon (FR)




NORMAN MassBank Workshop 2014

17-18 Sept 2014,

Dübendorf (CH)




Workshop on Non-Target Screening Towards the harmonisation of methods for
non-target screening of environmental samples

16-17 Sept 2014,

Dübendorf (CH)




The NORMAN network and SOLUTIONS Workshop: Methodologies for prioritising hazardous chemicals in European waters: the state of play and the need for improvement

24-25 Jun 2014,

Paris (FR)




1st Workshop on Field-Flow Fractionation - Mass Spectrometry (FFF-MS)

26-27 Sept 2013,

Vienna (AT)




Engineered nanomaterials in the waste water treatment process and associated environments

19 Sept 2013,

Rome (IT)




NORMAN Expert Group meeting: Linking environmental quality standards and passive sampling

3-4 July 2013,

Brno (CZ)




Workshop on occurrence, fate and effects of emerging pollutants in the environment - chemical analysis and toxicological assessment

29-30 Nov 2012,

Amsterdam (NL)




NORMAN MassBank training workshop

27 Nov 2012,

Amsterdam (NL)




Workshop on environmental monitoring of biocides in Europe - from prioritisation to measurements

5-6 Nov 2012,

Berlin (DE)




NORMAN Interlaboratory Study on passive sampling of emerging pollutants - Chemical Monitoring On Site (CM On-Site) in support of WFD implementation - Dissemination workshop / JRC Innovation Transfer Event

29-30 Oct 2012,

Ispra (IT)




Workshop on wastewater reuse applications and contaminants of emerging concern

13-14 Sept 2012,

Limassol (CY)





Workshop on micropollutants, metabolites and mixtures in drinking water and its sources

18-19 June 2012,

Nieuwegein (NL)




Workshop on sampling and analysis of emerging contaminants in the aquatic environment: Current and future challenges

1-2 Mar 2012,

Oslo, Norway (NO)




NORMAN Workshop and Expert Group Meeting: New brominated flame retardants as emerging contaminants in the environment: sources, occurrence, pathways and measurement methods

23-25 Nov 2011,

Stockholm (SE)




NORMAN Workshop on Data Exchange - Towards a harmonised approach for collection and interpretation of data on emerging substances in the environment in support of European environmental policies

20-21 Apr 2011,

Berlin (DE)




Workshop on engineered nanoparticles in the environment - analysis, occurrence and impacts

19-20 Oct 2010,

Koblenz (DE)




Conference for European Environmental Specimen Bank 

21-22 Jun 2010,

Berlin (DE)




Workshop on WFD River Basin Specific Pollutants - Selection and monitoring in EU Member States

10-11 Jun 2010,

Stresa (IT)




Expert Group Meeting: Passive sampling of emerging pollutants: state of the art and perspectives

27 May 2009,

Prague (CZ)




Expert Group Meeting: Toxicity profiling (in vitro, in vivo assays and omics): The state of art and the perspectives

9 Oct 2009,

Amsterdam (NL)




Workshop on mixtures and metabolites of chemicals of emerging concern

18-19 Nov 2009,

Amsterdam (NL)




Final meeting of the NORMAN project and launch meeting of the new permanent network

20-21 Oct 2008,

Paris (FR)




Workshop on integrated chemical and bio-monitoring strategies for risk assessment of emerging substances

17-18 Mar 2008,

Lyon (FR)




Workshop on new tools for bio-monitoring of emerging pollutants

29-30 Oct 2007,

Amsterdam (NL)




Workshop on chemical analysis of emerging pollutants

27-28 Nov 2006,

Mao (ES)




Workshop on emerging environmental pollutants: Key issues and challenges

19-20 Jun 2006,

Stresa (IT)


NORMAN satellite workshop: Promoting passive sampling through a common data repository and the use of a tiered approach for a routine implementation in water quality monitoring

7 Sept 2016,

Prague (CZ)




Current status & developments in suspect and non-target screening

2 June 2017,

Oslo (NO)





NANO -Transfer - International Conference & Winter School

19-20 October 2017,

Aachen (DE)






NANO -Transfer - International Conference & Winter School

19-20 October 2017,

Aachen (DE)