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NORMAN satellite workshop: Promoting passive sampling through a common data repository and the use of a tiered approach for a routine implementation in water quality monitoring

7 September, Prague, Czech Republic



The workshop was organised under the umbrella of the Passive Sampling Cross-Working Group Activity of the NORMAN network in order to discuss two key topics, relevant for the future implementation of passive samplers for the assessment of water quality in Europe: 

1) the design of a module to import passive sampling data into the NORMAN’s EMPODAT database, including all information necessary for a transparent estimation of the freely dissolved contaminant concentration in water. 

2) the implementation of passive sampling as part of a tiered approach to complement the use of biota monitoring for EQS compliance checking under the Water Framework Directive. A demonstration study is in preparation in France, with in situ campaigns to be organised in 2017-2018 under the leadership of AQUAREF (the French National Reference Laboratory for aquatic environment). The aim is to stimulate, through this AQUAREF initiative in France, the organisation of a pan-European study with passive sampling undertaken alongside regulatory biota monitoring for hydrophobic contaminants. 

This event was organised as a satellite workshop of the 8th International Passive Sampling Workshop and Symposium (IPSWS)