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4th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks

2-4 October 2017, Bilbao, Spain


The Biscay Bay Environmental Specimen Bank (BBEBB) will host in Bilbao during the first days of October 2017 the 4th International Conference on Environmental Specimen Banks (ESBs)

Renown experts will talk on the new challenges for ESBs regarding biological effects assessment, legislation challenges in storage, ethics and samples delivery (Nagoya Protocol), temporal and special trend data for regulated substances and and chemicals of emerging concern, case studies and new banking initiatives.

SESSIONS & CHAIRS (not confirmed)

  • Spatial and temporal trends for emerging contaminants Tracking emerging contaminants in archived samples: technological challenges. OLIVIER DONARD & ALBERTO DE DIEGO
  • Non Target Screening and environmental specimen banking. MARTIN SCHLABACH & NESTOR ETXEBARRIA
  • Nagoya Protocol, genetic resources, sample delivery and role of environmental specimen banks. NICHOLAS PADE & IBON CANCIO
  • New ideas and applications for environmental specimen banks. JAN KOSCHORRECK & XABIER LEKUBE
  • Long term trends & monitoring programs: case studies. ANDERS BIGNERT & MANU SOTO
  • Assessing contaminants and health status of marine mammals from Biscay Bay and other regions. BRUNO COZZI & URTZI IZAGIRRE


Reception of abstracts: 23 July 2017

Inscription (early registration): 30 June 2017

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