Network of reference laboratories, research centres and related organisations for monitoring of emerging environmental substances


EMPODAT is a database of geo-referenced monitoring and bio-monitoring data on emerging substances in the following matrices: water, sediments, biota, SPM, soil, sewage sludge and air.

The EMPODAT database consists of:

  • The Chemistry module for monitoring/occurrence data on emerging substances which are already known to be present in the environment but which are not yet included in routine monitoring programmes.

EMPODAT is designed to allow:

  • Access to the latest information on emerging pollutants, with an overview of benchmark values on the occurrence of emerging substances across Europe;
  • Identification of gaps in data relating to time, geographical areas and/or environmental matrices.

How to submit data

For information and conditions for the inclusion of your data in the NORMAN databases, please contact the Chairman of the Norman Association – Jaroslav SLOBODNIK.

To include data into the NORMAN database, DATA COLLECTION TEMPLATES (DCT) in excel were developed for each of the matrix. These DCTs can be downloaded at

The completed DCTs should be sent to the NORMAN database development team: with copy to, for further processing and upload to the web-database.

Large datasets, available in other then excel format can be uploaded as well, after communication with the NORMAN team - to check the structure of data, availability of obligatory information and to agree on the optimal way of the data transfer.

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