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Environmental Chemistry PDF in the Mabury Group in Chemistry at UofT


Research group that explores environmental fate, disposition, toxicology and persistence, typically of polyfluorinated industrial, pharmaceutical, and agrochemicals. Ongoing interest in analytical method development; measurement of biotic/abiotic kinetics and reactions mechanisms in a suite of reactors; and creation of chemical architectures for environmentally and toxicologically benign surfactants; broadly receptive to proposals for other areas of inquiry. Project selection primarily done by degree of interest and difficulty. Group is well equipped with access to all the necessary tools/labs – including Xevo TQS LC/MS/MS a couple of 4000s and multiple GC/MS systems, Agilent DD2 700 with 19F cryoprobe, and a TOF-CIC system. PDF position, up to three years possible, will have significant independence and latitude in project selection and direction. Salary and benefits commensurate with background (related, directly/indirectly to areas described above) and potential. 

Contact: Prof. Scott Mabury:

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